Com.P. Meerabai
President: 94451 55199

Com. M.S. Vengatesan General Secertaty :
94459 55553

The Income Tax Employees Federation, the solitary service organization recognized by the Government of India to represent more than 45,000 officials of the Income Tax Department, was formed on 10th February 1953. The Government accorded recognition to ITEF in May 1954. The first conference was held at Calcutta in January 1955. Members of ITEF participated in large scale in the 5-day strike of Central Government employees from 11-7-1960 against the retrograde recommendations of the Central Pay Commission. ITEF had been one of the prominent organizations instrumental in organizing the one-day strike on 19th September, 1968 demanding Dearness Allowance and later an indefinite strike in May 1974 for grant of bonus to Central Government employees.

The formation of Joint Council of Action comprising of the non-gazetted employees and the promotee officers in 1987 was another important milestone in the movement of the tax personnel. The ITEF had been playing a positive role in the fight against the wrong economic policies of the Government. It has participated in all the ten-strike actions, starting from the first one held on 16-6-1992 to the latest one on 29-9-2005, organized under the auspices of the Sponsoring Committee of Trade Unions in the country.

ITEF today is a militant organization encompassing more than 90 % of the total Income Tax employees as its members. It is a monolithic organization representing various cadres in Group C and D right from Inspectors to the Group D Watchmen. It is in the forefront of all struggles not only for the career advancements of its members but also in the improvement of economic conditions of the entire working population.



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